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Karen Stock-Schnall and Danny Schnall

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The Stock family were fortunate to have fled Vienna in the period immediately preceding the outbreak of the Second World War. Their influence upon the growth of the Melbourne Jewish community has been profound and their association with Mount Scopus has now entered its fifth generation.

Karen Stock Schnall (OC73) and her husband Danny Schnall (OC70) recently renewed their commitment to the Foundation.

Karen recalls her earliest involvement with the school when she accompanied her grandfather Sigmund, who chaired one of the College’s earliest Building Committees, to the College grounds. Sigmund’s son, Garry, would go on to become President of the College. Karen too has held many significant roles from leading the Presentation Ball Committee in 1997 to being President of the Parents’ Association and Vice President of the College. Karen is a Life Governor and maintains an active interest in the College.

The Stock family has had a long standing passion for the performing arts. Karen recalls that her parents loved attending performances in the Rose Hall featuring their grandchildren. In 1996, the family’s philanthropy led to the dedication of the Susie and Eric Stock Drama Studio which was ultimately incorporated into the Besen Family Performing Arts Centre. In 2005, Karen dedicated the screen and image as part of the redevelopment of the Slezak Multimedia and Technology Centre in memory of her father.

Karen says that while she is incredibly excited at  having  grandchildren enrolled at Scopus she recognises the enormous commitment required by families to provide a Jewish day school education for their children. “My mother valued the sense of identity and community which Scopus instilled in us. Danny and I appreciated all that Scopus gave us and we have treasured the experiences of our children through the Scopus journey. But we also recognise the sacrifices which many families make. If we can help alleviate that burden in some small way then we feel we are carrying on to uphold our family’s history and values”

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