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Membership of the Mount Scopus College Foundation is determined by one’s level of financial support.
Donations are cumulative and enable progression through the levels.
Gifts may be may be pledged over a few years.
For example, a donor can become a Member by committing $6,250 per year for four years.
Those who donate $250,000 or more receive the Yvonne and Leon Fink Memorial Award for Commitment to Jewish Education.


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Life Trustees

  • Anonymous
  • ANZ Bank
  • Helen and Maurice Alter Family
  • Baron and Tashi Families
  • Eva and Marc Besen Family
  • Fink Karp Ivany Family
  • Gandel Family
  • Rosie and Solomon Lew Family
  • Helen and Bori Liberman Family
  • Pratt Family
  • Gita and George Smorgon Family
  • Loti and Victor Smorgon Family



  • Anonymous
  • Lyndi and Rodney Adler
  • Bassat Family
  • Paula and Jack Hansky Family
  • Lee Liberman Family
  • Sonia and Don Marejn in memory of the Marejn and Szmukler Families
  • Narodowski Family
  • Smorgon Family
  • Mira and George Szalmuk Family
  • The Slezak Trusts
  • Werdiger Family


  • Anonymous
  • Birch Family
  • Julie and Joey Borensztajn
  • Lauren and Bruce Fink
  • Fraid and Fried Family
  • Goldman Sachs JBWere
  • Stera and Joseph Gutnick
  • Nicole and Silviu Itescu
  • Issy and Tom Jacob
  • Suzanne and Michael Karp
  • Dinah and Henry Krongold and Family
  • Janette and Henry Lanzer
  • Liberman Family
  • Lustig and Moar Family
  • Miri and Moshe Meydan
  • Dina and Mark Munzer
  • Ruth and Larry Picker
  • Pomeroy Family
  • Roslyn and Richard Rogers Family
  • Small Family
  • Susie and Eric Stock Family



  • Anonymous
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler
  • Baker Family
  • Benkel Hoppe Family
  • Eugenia Blashki Family
  • Elaine Bloch-Jaffe
  • Bloom Charitable Trust
  • Gerda and Joseph Brender
  • Freda and George Castan
  • Susie and Ephraim Ehrmann
  • Diana and Zyga Elton
  • Sandra and William Fayman
  • Kaye and Barry Fink
  • The Leo and Mina Fink Fund
  • Yvonne Fink
  • Eva and Tab Fried
  • Edward Gelbard
  • Sylvia Gelman AM MBE
  • Judy and Mark Gandur
  • Zita and Joe Gersh
  • Gold Family in memory of Saul Gold
  • Linda and David Goldberg
  • Goldschlager Family
  • Edith and Sol Greiman
  • Leonie and Morris Joel
  • Kave and Wagen Family
  • Sharon and Steven Klein in Memory of Sarah and Peter Komesaroff
  • Kras Family
  • Kras Payes Weinman Families
  • Ruth and Michael Kurc
  • Jenny and Noel Levin
  • Lubansky Family
  • Michael Ludski and Teska Carson
  • Helen and David Moses
  • Keith S Nathan and Family and the Estate of Jill E Nathan
  • Ruth and Sam Parasol OAM
  • Peterfreund and Moss Families
  • Lai and Nir Pizmony Family
  • Frances Prince and Steven Kolt
  • Greg Rosshandler
  • Margaret and Andrew Schwartz
  • Shafir Family
  • Marilyn and Jeff Simon
  • Sharron and Stephen Singer
  • David Smorgon Family
  • Jack and Robert Smorgon Families Foundation
  • Jennifer and Tony Smorgon
  • Karen Stock-Schnall and Danny Schnall
  • Shirley and Theo Sweet
  • Helen and Alan Synman Family
  • Max and Zosia Sztarkman in memory of Steven Sztarkman
  • Weinman Family
  • Jill and Morry Wroby


  • Anonymous
  • Bachrach Family
  • Baer Gutman Family in memory of Gunther Baer
  • Amanda Briskin and Andrew Rettig
  • Tali and Guy Biran
  • Ann and Mark Bryce
  • Bursztyn Family
  • Carol and Michael Casper
  • Carol Casper and Lynn Trayer in memory of Betty and Maurice Akkerman
  • Eve Casper
  • Sally and David Casper
  • Anna and Jack Chrapot Family
  • Chrapot Lewis Family
  • Mimi and David Cohen
  • Rochelle and Anthony Davis
  • Rosie Davis Family
  • Deloitte
  • Lisa and Simon De Winter
  • Yvonne and Ian Fayman
  • Elizabeth and Alan Finkel
  • Fulop and Korn Families
  • Andy and Shane Gild
  • GMK Partners Pty Ltd
  • Goldin Chaitman Family
  • Vivien and Phil Green
  • Sue and Alex Hampel
  • Heine Family
  • Amy and Dion Hershan
  • Dora and Felix Hiller
  • Joske Frey Family
  • Solly and Judy Joss Charitable Trust
  • Lisa and Richard Kennett
  • Kew Hebrew Congregation
  • Roxie and Eric King-Smith
  • David Kobritz Family
  • Eddie Kornhauser
  • Ziva and Shaya Kramer
  • Clara and Jack Lanzer
  • Lambert Family
  • Michele and Graham Lasky
  • Naomi and Isi Leibler
  • Naomi and Jason Lenga
  • Sue and Phil Lewis
  • Berry Liberman and Danny Almagor
  • Majtlis Family
  • Lisa and Levi Mochkin
  • Kelly and Simon T Morris Family
  • Debby and Harry Mrocki
  • Ben Orbach
  • Toni and Paul Platus
  • Sandra and Ian Raizon
  • Susie Rockman
  • Rogers Charitable Foundation
  • Rita and William Rogers
  • Rose Partners
  • Rhonda and Michael Rothschild
  • Cheryl and Earle Sacher
  • Bettina and Andrew Schwartz
  • Ann and Arnold Singer
  • SJB Architects
  • Suzanne and Kevin Slomoi
  • Mila and Mordie Slonim
  • Garry and Nitsa Stock and the Garry Stock Family
  • Sharon and Adrian Stone
  • Leonie and Peter Szabo
  • Debbie and Stephen Szental
  • Idit and Rodney Teperman
  • Miriam and Frank Tisher
  • Sandra and Elliot Verblun
  • Caroline and Alan Wein


  • Anonymous
  • Debra and Roger Adams
  • Michal and Avri Alfasi
  • Jeremy Alter
  • Ashe Morgan Winthrop
  • Aussie Commerce Group
  • Mandi and Joe Azoulay
  • Karina and Jeremy Banky
  • Baum Carrick Family in memory of Lionel Carrick
  • Janine and Stephen Baum Family
  • Sian and Gary Berman
  • Miriam and Theodore Berman
  • Jenny and Nathan Better
  • Lorraine Bloom and David and Michael Casper Family
  • Jeannine and Bennie Borenstein
  • Romy and Noah Borensztajn
  • Lisa and Michael Borowick
  • Lyn and Jack Borowski
  • Lisa and Andrew Breckler Family
  • Marion and Mick Brott
  • Rebecca and Michael Burd
  • Helen and Bernard Carp
  • Marlen and Leon Carp
  • Michelle and Andrew Casper
  • Louise and Russell Casper
  • Caulfield Hebrew Congregation
  • The Cher Family Foundation
  • Ilana and Philip Chester
  • Cohen Lipshut Family
  • Godfrey Cohen Charitable Trust
  • Heather and Trevor Cohen
  • Leora and Alon Cohen
  • Linda and Selwyn Cohen
  • Laura and Mark Davis
  • Lisa and Brendon Davis
  • Melissa and Gavin Davis
  • Yvonne and Ian Davis
  • Kim and Peter De Winter
  • Jasmine and Robert Dindas
  • Romy and Gavin Donner
  • DS Capital
  • Lilian and David Efron
  • Eizenberg Zablud Family in memory of Leah and Les Eizenberg
  • Debbie and Norman Faifer
  • Barbara and Marvin Fayman
  • Raie and Joseph Feiglin
  • Beata and Vann Fisher
  • Janina Fleiszig and Alicia Mercer in memory of Maria and Aleksander Ranoschy
  • Harry Flicker
  • Miriam and Tom Foulkes
  • Jenny and John Fox
  • Kathy Franks and Keith Nathan
  • Shirley and Sol Freedman
  • Esther and David Frenkiel
  • Jakob Friedmann
  • Barbara and Mark Frydenberg
  • Ruth and Gary Frydman
  • Sylvia and Danny Gluck
  • Rachel and Alan Goldberg
  • Sharona and Alexander Goodman
  • Grant Thornton
  • Louise Green
  • Miriam and Henry Greenfield
  • Gross Waddell
  • Ros and Danny Gunn
  • Judy and Jack Gutman
  • Tanya and Leonard Hamersfeld
  • Renay and Danny Hammerschlag
  • Joanne and Mark Hansky
  • Fella and Richard Harbig
  • Susan and Bruce Harrison
  • Shelley Smulevich and Bill Hatzis
  • Hehir Bequest- Trustee Jack Goldberg
  • Chyrisse and Eric Heine
  • Ruth and Gary Hershan
  • Annette and Jack Hines
  • Rachel and Peter Irons
  • Susie and Paul Ivany
  • Janovic Kleid Family
  • Kathy and Les Janovic
  • Elissa Joachim and Dan Feldman
  • Karen and Jack Joel Family
  • Carolyn and Henry Jolson
  • Avril and Phillip Jones
  • Karen and Sam Joske
  • Karen and Peter Kacser
  • Rodney Kagan
  • Lani and Jordan Karp
  • Romy and Steven Katz
  • Michelle and Alan Kaye
  • Monica and Geoffrey Kempler
  • Pauline and Peter King
  • Louis and Malvin Klein Families
  • Kliger Wood Real Estate
  • Kline and Ickowicz Families
  • Shelley Kline and Adam Joel
  • Ella and Ben Kohn
  • Judi and Melvyn Korman
  • L & M Krongold Charitable Trust
  • Renia and Sam Kurtz
  • Miriam and Michael Lasky
  • Eva and Fred Lawrence
  • Rosanna and Mark Leibler
  • Taryn and Joshua Levin
  • Estelle and Barry Levy
  • Lisa and David Levy
  • Janette and Harvey Lewis
  • Lisa and Brett Lewis
  • Lucy and Jason Lewis
  • Naomi and Ryan Lewis
  • Lowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants
  • June and Simon Lubansky
  • Sharlene and Richard Lustig
  • Lux Group
  • Tracy and Stephane Majman
  • Belinda and Sam Margis
  • Elaine and David Marriner
  • Harry Meed
  • Melbourne Hebrew Congregation
  • Rochelle and Alan Mendel
  • Ruth and Benny Milder
  • Amanda and Quentin Miller
  • Liora and Ashley Miller
  • Kate and Dean Mohr
  • Ilana and Lenny Moses
  • Natasha and Warren Mymin
  • Dorothea and Richard Nossbaum
  • Nossbaum Family and Marion and David Slonim
  • Yaffa and Jack Olenski
  • Michelle and Aviv Palti
  • Patkin Family
  • Chuby Picker in memory of Issy Picker
  • Clare and Mark Pomeroy
  • Lisa Pomeroy
  • Leon and Johnny Pruzanski in memory of Keila and Tewel Pruzanski
  • Trish and Paul Ramler
  • Tracey and Allan Rich
  • Irvin P Rockman CBE
  • Suzy and Steven Rose
  • Riva Rosenbaum and Ann Smorgon
  • Riva and Arnold Rosenbaum
  • Lance Rosenberg
  • Pauline and Lionel Rosenberg
  • Roslyn and Bruce Rosengarten
  • Gitta and Michael Roth
  • Roth Family
  • Rae Rothfield in memory of Walter Rothfield
  • In memory of Judith and Henry Rotstein
  • Shirley and Louis Rutman
  • In memory of Ben Same
  • Lynne and Graeme Samuel
  • Elyse and Sam Schachna
  • Jacqui and Richard Scheinberg
  • Lana and Dean Sheezel
  • Leanne and Clive Sher
  • Lisa and Benjamin Simon
  • Sharron and Stephen Singer
  • Lousje and Steven Skala
  • Slonim Families
  • Dena and Edwin Slonim in memory of Shira Slonim
  • Michelle and Daniel Slonim
  • Roslyn and David Smorgon
  • Philippa and Alan Sheppet in memory of Reba Solomon
  • Debbie and Michael Sojka
  • Helen and Sam Sokolski
  • Soloveychik Family
  • in memory of Henry Sput
  • Sylvia and Peter Stach in memory of Debbie Stach
  • Rechelle Rousso and Aaron Steg
  • Brenda and Lionel Steinberg
  • Hayley and Tristan Sternson
  • Bernice and Mannie Stub
  • Romi and Dion Stub
  • Danielle and Ari Suss
  • Miriam and Michael Suss
  • Suzy and Mark Suss
  • Joanne and Niv Tadmore
  • Lindy and Eddie Tamir
  • George Tauber Family
  • Lisa and Leo Tenenbaum
  • Michelle and Danny Ungar
  • Sharon and Peter Unger
  • Julia and Raymond Vidor
  • Judy Wasser-Chazan Family
  • Karen and Victor Wayne
  • Ann and Michael Webb
  • Tami and Bradley Wein
  • Louis Weingarten
  • Ilana and Dean Weinman
  • Sara Weis
  • Lynne and Mark Woolfson
  • Paule and Morry Wrobel
  • Miriam and Philip Zajac
  • Joshua, Aaron and Bianca Zajonc

Yvonne and Leon Fink Memorial Award

  • Anonymous
  • Lyndi and Rodney Adler
  • Helen and Maurice Alter Family
  • ANZ
  • Baron Family
  • Bassat Family
  • Eva and Marc Besen Family
  • Birch Family
  • Julie and Joey Borensztajn
  • Lauren and Bruce Fink
  • Fink Karp Ivany Family
  • Gandel Family
  • Fried and Fraid Families
  • Goldman Sachs JBWere
  • Stera and Joseph Gutnick
  • Paula and Jack Hansky Family
  • Dinah and Henry Krongold Family
  • Suzanne and Michael Karp
  • Issy and Tom Jacob
  • Nicole and Silviu Itescu
  • Janette and Henry Lanzer
  • Rosie and Solomon Lew Family
  • Helen and Bori Liberman Family
  • Lee Liberman Family
  • Lustig and Moar Family
  • Sonia and Don Marejn
  • Dina and Mark Munzer Family
  • Narodowski Family
  • Ruth and Larry Picker
  • Pomeroy Family
  • Pratt Family
  • Roslyn and Richard Rogers Family
  • Small Family
  • Gita and George Smorgon Family
  • Loti and Victor Smorgon
  • Smorgon Family
  • Susie and Eric Stock Family
  • Mira and George Szalmuk Family
  • The Slezak Trusts
  • Sylvia and Roy Tashi
  • Werdiger Family
Fink awardees 4

To honour Yvonne and Leon Fink’s longstanding and dedicated involvement, supporters who reach the $250,000 level receive the prestigious Yvonne and Leon Fink Memorial Award for Commitment to Jewish Education.
We sincerely thank all the recipients of the Yvonne and Leon Fink Memorial Award for Commitment to Jewish Education, which was created to recognise our supporters as they reach Founder level.

Photo of inaugural awardees with Yvonne Fink March 1997

Corporate Supporters

Life Trustee



Goldman Sachs JB Were


Arnold Bloch Leibler

Teska Carson



Rose Partners


DS Capital

Grant Thornton

Gross Waddell

Kliger Wood

Lowe Lippmann

Lux Group


We Gratefully Acknowledge our Corporate Supporters

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Member Highlight

Miri and Moshe Meydan

In 1982, Miri and Moshe with their two young children, Yaniv and Eido, emigrated from Israel.

One of the most important considerations in making this life-changing decision was to ensure their children would grow up in a community that supported Israel, respected their Jewish heritage and provided a quality education. For this transition they believed Mount Scopus College was the obvious school of choice for their children and this provided a sense of comfort as their new journey began.

Fast forward over thirty years and now Miri and Moshe have two grandchildren, Eli and Noah, at Mount Scopus. Like the generation before, selecting Mount Scopus was an obvious choice for their parents who share the same common values and principles of their parents and so many others.

Miri and Moshe and their family strongly believe in supporting Scopus so that it may continue to provide a remarkable educational, cultural and community experience – not only for the next generation of their own family, but for other families in less fortunate situations. This has become an important priority for their family.

They say “supporting the Foundation is the ideal way of making quality education a reality in the long term for many generations to come”.

We warmly thank them for appreciating the value of Scopus for our community. We welcome them to the level of Founder and look forward to dedicating the Miri and Moshe Meydan Family Plaza in honour of their generosity.


Member Highlight

Pomeroy Family

The Pomeroy /Mount Scopus connection is now over 55 years old, beginning when Dug Pomeroy was enrolled in 1961 to graduate in 1969.

The connection was reinforced with Dug and Jill Pomeroy’s children, Lisa OC ‘95 and Mark OC’ 98, attending the school. Mark, with Clare, now continues the tradition with the third generation of Pomeroys - Zac is in upper kinder and Toby will start in 2018.

It may appear that tradition is the motivating force behind the long association with the school, however it is much more than that.

They believe that the College provides a broad and excellent education with solid social values as well as an overall grounding in Jewish heritage. As a family they have most willingly supported and been involved with the Foundation from its inception, knowing that annually the Foundation responsibly provides assistance to children who otherwise could not afford to receive a Scopus education and funds numerous building programs that the School undertakes in order to keep up with the latest standards in educational facilities.

Dug believes the Foundation, in many ways, is the ‘Fountain of Youth’ for the school and says their family is proud to be associated with it.

We thank the Pomeroy Family for their longstanding and ongoing commitment and celebrate their support at Founder level and as recipients of the Yvonne and Leon Fink Memorial Award for Commitment to Jewish Education.


Member Highlight

Eugenia Blashki Family

Bonnie and Adrian Blashki

Adrian OC’70 and Bonnie enjoy looking both backwards and forwards at their Scopus connections.

Adrian’s parents, the late Eugenia and Arnold Blashki MBE, came from long established Australian Jewish families. They were very much involved in the earlier days of Scopus with Eugenia, especially, being a powerful force. They quickly became Foundation members at its inception with Eugenia’s great love for music influencing the direction of their gifts to the development of music and performing arts programs. She honoured her own parents, Sima and Jacob Taft, by dedicating a music studio and was always involved and interested in the College’s progress in this area.

Adrian and Bonnie have continued supporting the Foundation, as part of the Eugenia Blashki Family, and have honoured Eugenia in turn by dedicating a music classroom.

Their three children Courtney, Devon and Erin are also proud Scopus graduates and the family have recently celebrated Devon’s marriage to Rachael, who was a fellow student in his year at school. They say they have a lot to thank Scopus for!

We thank them for their ongoing support and interest and for being such great Scopus ambassadors. We honour them as Benefactors and look forward to their further generational involvement.


Member Highlight

Rosie Davis Family

Rosie Davis OC ‘69 is thrilled that her three children, Victoria-Lea, Jamie and Bradley together with their partners Tal, Robyn and Nicole, have also chosen Scopus for her grandchildren’s education. Of her seven grandchildren, four are current students with another three to commence over the next few years.

Rosie’s late parents, Jack and Judy Sperling, both Holocaust survivors, instilled in Rosie not only the importance of a Jewish education but also the value of being in a Jewish environment. They truly believed it created a stronger Jewish identity, instilling ‘Yiddishkeit’ and providing the feelings of comfort and confidence.

Rosie recalls that Scopus provided, for both her and her children, a high level of educational programs and critical values combined with longlasting friendships and a powerful sense of community.

These days, Rosie is noticing with great pleasure how her grandchildren are taught and says “it warms my heart to see how they embrace and love all things Jewish. Surely this feeling, underpinned by knowledge, will guarantee them making good choices and perpetuating our traditions. In the world of today, I believe it is vitally important they have a sense of belonging and know who they are. Scopus is giving them that.”

We thank and welcome the Rosie Davis Family for their ongoing support and welcome them this year to the level of Fellow.

rosie davis

Member Highlight

Suzanne and Kevin Slomoi

Suzanne and Kevin migrated from Johannesburg in 1989

When their twins, Jarred and Daniel, and later Adam were born, they immediately enrolled them at GBH. Coming from traditional Jewish homes, a Jewish education for their children was of upmost importance. Being new immigrants, things were not easy financially and sacrifices were made to ensure their children received a Jewish education.

When their children commenced at Scopus it immediately dawned upon them how fortunate their children were and they felt that they had a duty to “give back”. Kevin joined a College Council sub-committee and Suzanne also served on the Parents’ Association. Kevin went on to become a trusted College Treasurer, serving on the College Executive. Suzanne teaches part time at GBH.

Continuing the philosophy of a duty to contribute, Kevin, a partner in GMK Partners, arranged for the firm to become Foundation supporters and also to act in pro bona capacities for the College. Kevin and Suzanne have also since contributed to the Foundation personally.

Kevin and Suzanne say they eternally grateful for the wonderful Jewish and secular education, values inculcated, friendships formed and the whole Scopus experience that Jarred, Daniel and Adam have enjoyed.

We are grateful for their valuable support and involvement.


Member Highlight

Caroline and Alan Wein

Caroline, OC’77, (nee Sweet) and Alan firmly believe that not all people come into the world with the same skills and abilities, let alone opportunities. They also believe that education is a foundation stone of Jewish values. That is why they have sent their children to Scopus and encouraged them in turn, to send their children to the College.

Alan says “the Scopus experience offers outstanding secular learning combined with a traditional Jewish education that provides children with the opportunity to make choices and make decisions based upon sound values. These choices are broad today; and they not only lead to the traditional academic motifs of medicine, law and commerce, but now extend to technology, arts and a range of commerce, sciences and other options that encourage children to pursue courses that interest them and align with their talents. Scopus provides this platform in a caring and nurturing environment.”

They understand that sacrifices for parents are great, but say the rewards are overwhelming. “Our family has enjoyed great satisfaction over decades at the school and we hope and expect that our grandchildren will benefit and enjoy the experiences Scopus offers and contribute towards the improvement of our community, country and world in which we live”.

Thank you Caroline and Alan for sustaining your beliefs and your support.


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