Share a celebration


Share a celebration

Simcha literally means joy. We feel simcha on birthdays, anniversaries and other significant occasions. It is part of Jewish tradition to give to others to “share the joy”.
We are fortunate that many Scopus families share their celebrations by inviting donations from family and friends to support our school. Families can choose either to support our Scholarship Fund, which supports fee relief and bursaries for students in need, or our Building Fund, which creates and maintains our excellent facilities.
Please help our Scopus families celebrate.


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Our Current S'machot

Maor Chrapot

Maor's Barmitzvah

Hi, I am donating my Barmitzvah gifts to the Mount Scopus Scholarship Fund.
I have chosen to share my simcha because I am proud to be part of Mount Scopus College and would be happy to help more kids have access to an amazing Jewish education and an excellent school.

Richie's Barmitzvah

I am very grateful for the education I receive at Mount Scopus as it supports me in my quest for knowledge and my interest in Jewish culture and tradition.  

Kain family2

Denise Kain and Len Melcer Feeling Fortunate at 50

Our daughters are second generation Scopus students. We love their passion for Scopus. We believe it reflects how they feel about their Jewish learning and identity, their growth, development, and the friendships they have developed. We've chosen the Mount Scopus College Scholarship Fund as we would be honoured to help make a Jewish education at Mount Scopus available to more Jewish children.

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