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Foundation Members Pledge

I’m paying my Foundation pledge. 

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Foundation Members New Donation

I’m making a new donation to add to my previous Foundation support. 


Annual Giving Donation

I’m making a donation to the Scopus Annual Giving campaign. Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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Support Our Building Fund

Donations to the Building Fund support the creation and maintenance of the school environment, including all buildings and facilities.


Scholarship Fund

Donations to the Scholarship Fund support the provision of fee relief and bursaries to enable more students to benefit from an excellent, well-rounded, Jewish education.

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In honour of

Are you honouring someone's memory? Do you wish to make a one-off donation in honour of someone's birthday? A special anniversary? Make your donation here and please put the reason you are donating in the notes section, so that we can write to the honouree or their family, as appropriate. 

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To chat about becoming a Foundation Member call Marlo L Newton.

03 9834 0065